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embroidery.jpgWe are specialist embroiderers and work with a large customer base to supply a wide range of embroidered designs and apply them to everything from work wear and corporate clothing, which we supply, to personalised items for clubs, associations and individuals. 


Using our in-house design service we take a customer's brand or design and recommend the best method of application to suit the garments and the use that they will be put to. Embroidery works well on many fabrics and is ideal for branding most of the products that we supply and will prove to be tough and resilient and tolerate very rough treatment.  Complicated designs are easily replicated and we make sure that the end result is a clear and crisp representation of the logo we have created. 

The creation of an embroidery file involves us recreating the design as code that runs as programming on our CNC embroidery machines. To achieve this we have to deconstruct the logo and a key part of this process is to closely examine the design as a group of objects and plot the way that the machines will run through them to ensure that it flows as smoothly and quickly as possible with the minimum number of stops and trims.  

Top7.jpgWe look at how the garment may need to be stabilised and depending on the flexibility of the fabric and the weave, it will usually be though a combination of using the most suitable backing material, hooping or framing and underlay. When we move onto the design itself we consider where we start sewing from or the entry point, which colours or sections of the design to lay down first through to the final stitches and penetration points. 

Sewing a design onto a garment causes the fabric to move slightly and the more stitches that are applied, the more this effect is increased. We allow for this movement and adjust several variables including pull compensation to ensure an excellent finish. The surface of the garment also dictates whether we need to use any of the several options that we have available to us to produce the best result. This might include the use of a PVA topping to contain the fabric pile for example all of the visible elements of any materials that we use are removed before bagging, folding and shipping.


The use of pantone references for matching design colours to brand guidelines is achieved successfully using Madeira thread references. Madeira have closely aligned their thread colours to pantone references to make this process as accurate and straightforward as possible. We may if appropriate use different needles and thread thicknesses too but, this is all considered at the planning stage when we view a design for the first time. 


One of the first departments to be created by Top Embroidery was for quality control.  It was identified as critically important to what we do to check and double check the accuracy of our work and to maintain the highest of standards throughout our production process.  We can involve a great many elements and a variety of complex variables in supplying you and we insist on having complete control of quality.  We have integrated checks into our processes and examine everything that we produce before it ships to make sure that the goods that you receive are exactly what were ordered. 

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